Slimpan is a modular spatial communication system consisting of panels that are magnetically adapted to a strong lightweight aluminum construction and flexible connectors. Slimpan is also an excellent presentation tool for exhibits, galleries, art fairs and museums. From a simple free-standing display to large-scale exhibitions, Slimpan offers easily changeable panels with various materials
and modular frame sizes.

Terminal presents spatial systems, unique products and solutions to meet the needs of commercial and cultural spaces, including offices, fair stands, displays, shops and showrooms. With its dynamic design team to provide support, Terminal is a springboard for
the spatial design process.

Terminal employs its own spatial and display systems in its designs. When undertaking designs on any scale, from product development to spatial solutions, Akın Nalça develops unique proposals that carry existing spatial systems into a new dimension. Slimpan system, designed by Akın Nalça is a new alternative for commercial space design. spille automater