Slimpan is a new alternative for commercial space design.  Slimpan is a modular spatial communication system consisting of panels that are magnetically adapted to a strong lightweight aluminum construction and flexible connectors.

Panels can be used for graphic printing surfaces, product display units and accessories such as digital screens.

Lighting accessories hung on the horizontal cross-section of the panels without the need for screws set up a clean and clear relationship with the panels.

Slimpan creates flexible surfaces and provides a fluid image forming continuity with its thin, long and elegant panels that can be used in any desired number horizontally and vertically.

Panels can be produced and applied from various materials such as aluminum, steel, forex, acrylic and other surface materials.
Panels can be applied on the frames easily with the help of magnetic strips or VHB bands

Specially designed connectors allow flexible layouts and surfaces to be used as corporate identity surfaces, information points, space dividers and even welcome desks.

The height of the structure can be adjusted within a range of 90 cm up to 360 cm.
Slimpan accessories such as shelves have the same pure and aesthetic language as Slimpan. online kasino